Metals Subgroup

Face-to-Face at AOAC Meeting, Denver, CO

 Tuesday, September 10, 2019

1:30 - 3:00 pmm

Governor's Square 11


by Kevin Kubachka

(see presentations in the DOWNLOADS Section)


  • We would like introduce Dr. Eve Kroukamp from Perkin Elmer 

as a co-chair for the Metals Sub-Group.


  • We have provided SRM Information slides from NIST and NRC  related to elemental analysis. This information is on their respective websites, but it may save you some time, by minimizing your data mining.
  • Information on  Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs) for elemental analysis of  cannabis products 
    1. Susan Audino is the  chair of the Chemical Contaminants sub-group of the Cannabis Analytical  Science Program (CASP) and it is on her list to begin generating an SMPR related to metals in cannabis. Currently that sub-group is comprised  mainly of experts in the cannabis field in general.  Myself and Gino       Braiotta (Colorado Department of Public Health) have the very early workings of a similar SMPR and are planning on starting to work (within the next month or so) with Susan’s group to develop one SMPR for metals in cannabis products.  The sub-group is open to anyone to join and  Gino, Susan, and I would welcome any additional people with elemental analysis expertise relevant to this SMPR.  Please email me directly       and I will see that Susan adds you to the list for the next call.        Joining the sub-group would entail as much time as you would like.  It is your option to only participate in the parts that are relevant to your interests.


Thanks again for your willingness to help and collaborate,

Kevin Kubachka, Ph.D.

US FDA Forensic Chemistry Center

AOAC Metals Sub-group Co-Chair

Metals Subgroup Chair

 Dr. Kevin Kubachka 

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

 Dr. Eve Kroukamp  

Perkin Elmer