2019 NACRW Excellence Award Information

Deadline for award nominations is April 1, 2019


The North American Chemical Residue Workshop Excellence Award was established in 2015. This annual award will allow NACRW to recognize achievement relevant to the field of chemical residue analysis. In addition, this award will help solidify NACRW as a scientific community with reach beyond the workshop itself. As well, this award can help to attract top scientists from around the world into the NACRW community.

Award Information

Purpose: To recognize scientists who have made impactful contributions in Detection Techniques relevant to chemical residue analysis. 

Eligibility: NACRW Excellence Awards are given to scientists responsible for important contributions to chemical residue analysis. Contributions can be in the form of lifetime achievement, specific technique or methodology development or impact of research findings. 

Selection Criteria: The most important factor is scientific impact to the chemical residue community. However, all of the following can be considered: 

· Scientific achievements including milestone discoveries

· Highly influential publications 

· Significance of the research findings

· Innovation

· Scientific leadership

· Lifetime contributions

The Award: The award will consist of the following:  

· Engraved Award provided by NACRW

· Honorarium of $4,000 (USD) provided by NACRW

· Free workshop registration (award year) provided by NACRW

· Award and Oral Presentation by Awardee in workshop program (award year)

Awardee Selection: The NACRW Excellence Awards committee is responsible for selection of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd candidates for the Award from all those nominated.  The final choice will be made by the NACRW Board from the three candidates selected by the Awards committee.  This committee consists of one committee head who is the Chair of the Organizing Committee (OC), Ken Kise, and at least six volunteered members from the OC, 2019: Brad Barrett, Yelena Sapozhnikova, Sareeta Nerkar, Jack Cochran, Alexandria Pavkovich, Steven Lehotay, and Paul Reibach.

If you have any questions, please contact Ken Kise: ken.kise@iowaagriculture.gov

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Dr. Janusz Pawliszyn - 2018 NACRW Excellence Award Recipient
Dr. Janusz Pawliszyn - 2018 NACRW Excellence Award Recipient

Past NACRW EXcellence award RECIPIENTS


Dr. Michelangelo Anastassiades, CVUA-Stuttgart, Germany

Dr. Steven J. Lehotay, USDA-ARS, Wyndmoor, PA, USA


Dr. André de Kok, NVWA, Wageningen, The Netherlands


Dr. Harold McNair, Department of Chemistry, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA


Dr. Janusz Pawliszyn, Canada Research Chair, Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo,

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada