Environmental & Emerging Contaminants Subgroup

Subgroup Chair: Dr. Thierry Delatour, thierry.delatour@rdls.nestle.com

The Subgroup deals  with topics associated with  environmental, adulteration- and packaging-related  contaminants. It  also considers specific emerging issues which may be of critical  safety  concern. However, the mycotoxin issues are not managed by the Subgroup  ‘Environmental  and Emerging Contaminants’ as this field of expertise is  under the  responsibility of the Mycotoxins Community.

Feel free to submit  any topic you would like to the Subgroup 

Submit your contact information to the chairman of  the Subgroup Unknowns:
              Dr. Thierry Delatour, thierry.delatour@rdls.nestle.com
              Nestlé Research Centre,  Quality and Safety Department,
              Vers-chez-les-Blanc, CH – 1000  Lausanne 26, Switzerland.
              Fax: +41.21.785.8553;  



Tuesday, September 9

Governor's Square 11



  •        Determination of nitrofurazone in milk
  •        Overestimation of acrylamide in food by LC-MS/MS
  •        CEN Interlaboratory trial for a LC-MS/MS multiresidue method for mycotoxins in food


Subgroup Processes

 1. Get the current needs document completed.  

2. Send the documents and an introduction to all the people on   the Community list that indicated an interest in pesticides.

3. Ask each member to contribute their   "needs".

4. Send everyone one the new "needs" to get each person's   interest in each need.  

5. Prioritize the needs.

6. Get performance criteria for the first 1-3   priorities.  

7. Have call for methods.

8. Expert review of methods against performance   criteria.  

9. Reach consensus from stakeholders [not sure who these   people are yet] on analytical approach/method.

10 develop Single Laboratory Validation (SLV) protocol for each high   priority.  

11. Ask volunteers to perform SLV.

12. Publish SLV.