2017 NACRW Excellence Award Submission

Please note that when preparing your supporting items for the nominee, all items should be in one file only for uploading.

Please complete the NOMINATOR and NOMINEE sections in full; complete one or more of the fields under SELECTION CRITERIA SUPPORTING INFORMATION; alternatively, you may attach supporting items, though it is not required.  You may be contacted for more information if the Excellence Award Committee needs more detail about your nominee.


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(To be completed by nominator, suggested 100 word limit per item)

Describe the scientific work to be recognized by receipt of the award
What scientific achievement, milestone or discovery is most relevant to the intent of the award?
What are the most innovative aspects of the nominee's works?
What is the impact of the work with respect to chemical residue analysis?
Please upload supporting items of your nominee in ONE file. Support items can include nomination letters, candidate curriculum vitae, lists of publications, copies of up to three publications, awards etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Dorweiler (Kelly.Dorweiler@genmills.com).

Once you select the SUBMIT FORM, it will take you to a page for review of your submittal. If you need to make any changes to your submission, please select the browser's back button to bring you back to this page. Note, if you do use the broswer's back button, you will also need to attach your selected file again.

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